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Elevating businesses through websites and e-shops that not only represent your brand but also contribute to success on the internet.

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A strong online presence is essential for business success

It enables you to reach a wider audience and present your brand in the best light.

I'm an expert in website development, guiding you through every step of the process. I understand your business goals and provide solutions for your success.


Informational Website

A website with one or more static pages serving as a business or product showcase.

Modern and clear design
Higher search engine rankings (SEO)
Responsive design for all devices
Quality sales copy

Web Application

Multi-page dynamic website addressing your specific needs. Examples include course platforms, product landing pages.

Includes features of Informational Website
Dynamic content
Administration / User accounts
Payment integration or subscription

Shoptet E-Shop

Online store built on the Czech Shoptet platform. Custom section programming and page layout adjustments using code.

Complete setup from A to Z
Template section customization
Custom sections
Monthly administration option

My Work

My latest clients whom I've helped showcase to the world

Bricked Store

Shoptet-based online store. Banner creation, section and detail adjustments.

Bricked Store


Website for a construction company built with NextJS. Dynamic references + Administration.


Barbershop SAM

Website for a men's barbershop located in Jaroměř and Dvůr Králové nad Labem.

Barbershop SAM

Corleon's Barbershop

Outperforming competitors in search results within a few weeks. Enhancing brand credibility.

Corleon's Barbershop

What my clients are saying

We agreed to cooperate with Martin, which included the complete construction of an e-shop and its connection to the domain. The development also covered basic SEO for the website. We are very satisfied, and our collaboration will certainly continue.

Bohdan AntonBohdan Anton

Collaboration Process

  • Meeting

    Detailed discussion in the meeting about the vision and terms of collaboration.

  • Proposal

    I'll propose the structure and design to meet all requirements.

  • Programming

    Converting the approved design into functional software.

  • Optimization

    Optimizing and refining everything to meet all necessary standards.

  • Launch

    Uploading the application, connecting it with the domain, and sending your new solution out to the world.


About Me

Martin Šíl - Tvorba webových stránek

About Me

Martin Šíl

My name is Martin, and I come from Trutnov. I'm actively involved in sports, studying, and creating software. I wrote my first line of code at the age of 10 when I got my first computer. Since then, I've learned numerous skills and now use them to make money online.

Let me help revitalize your business

I'll create successful website that will make an impact, bring you more inquiries, and increase your revenue.

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A place where I share snippets from my know-how

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